Advanced Dedicated Server Help

Remember that you can start a dedicated server from in-game, changing all of the most common values from within the UI, from the Create Server menu and the Advanced Create Server menu.

You can call a command, "cvarlist" in the console to show all available cvars. You can search for specific cvars by doing, "cvarlist *(query)*" where (query) is anything from "ico", "wolf", "team", etc. This will show a list of all cvars containing the specified query.

Starting the Server

To start a server that does not report to the master server, use the following command line convention:

WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1

To start a server that notifies the master server of its presence, use the following command line convention:

WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 2

Command Line Options

Command line options must be set on the command line and will not work if executed in a config file.


com_hunkmegs - allocates a certain amount of memory for map and item loading. The default of 72 is required for the client but is overkill for a dedicated server, and thus wasting precious server memory. For general use, a com_hunkmegs setting of 32 is sufficient.

NOTE: user made or future map releases may require a higher setting. If you receive an ERROR: Hunk_Alloc failed then try increasing the com_hunkmegs setting in increments of 2 until the map successfully loads.

Usage: +set com_hunkmegs
Sample: WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1 +set com_hunkmegs 32


If you are on a multi-homed server and the default IP is not what you want to use for your Return to Castle Wolfenstein server, the net_ip command will need to be used. This must be set on the command line in the following form.

Usage: +set net_ip <ip address>
Sample: WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1 +set net_ip


Changing the default server port requires the net_port command be run on the command line. It is useful for running multiple servers on the same computer or making the server somewhat more private. The default port is 27960 and is incremented automatically by 1 if another server is started without a specified port.

Usage: +set net_port
Sample: WolfMP.exe +set dedicated 1 +set net_port 27961

Server Only Settings

Server settings are only used only on the server and may be used at the console or command line. Command line usage requires a +set before each command. For example:

+set sv_maxclients 16


sv_maxclients - sets the maximum amount of clients that can connect to the server. The default setting is 20.

Usage: sv_maxclients


sv_privatePassword - sets a password on the server so only clients that know the password can connect to the server. Clients use the \password command. The default is for no password required. Set to "" for no password.

Usage: sv_privatePassword "<password>"


sv_hostname - sets the server name that will show up in the master server list. The name must be enclosed in quotes if a space is in the name.

Usage: sv_hostname "<servername>"


sv_maxRate - sets the maximum allowable rate a client may have set when connected to the server. The default is 0, which is no limit. A suggested setting is 8000 or 10000 so server bandwidth is not used up by high speed clients, thus allowing modem players to have a smoother game.

Usage: sv_maxRate <#####>


sv_pure - controls crc/zip check of client pk3 files to make sure the pk3 file has not been modified for cheating or other purposes. Client pk3 files must match that of the server to connect. The default is set to 1, or on. Set to 0 to turn off check.

Usage: sv_pure 1

Server Console Commands

Server console commands are used from the server console or the remote console.


status - shows the client number (num), score, ping, player name (name), client IP address (address), and port connected through (qport). Client number is used in conjunction with the kick command.

Usage: status


kick - removes a player from the server. Particularly useful for removing disruptive players. To kick a player, first find the number (num) associated with the player name via the status command.

Usage: kick <num>


timelimit - Default to the map specific time limit. This can be changed, but is advised against doing so. However, changing it to 0 makes the game have unlimited time, which can produce some interesting results.

Usage: timelimit <#min>


rconpassword - sets remote console password so clients may change server settings without direct access to the server console. The default is set to none. Client can control the server by entering commands on the console with the format of \rconpassword mypass and then adding server commands after the \rcon command.

Usage: rconpassword <serverpassword>


killserver - will stop all server services from running but leaves the Return to Castle Wolfenstein executable running on the server.

Usage: killserver

map_restart #

map_restart # - Defaults to 5 seconds. # defines the amount of time before the map restarts, in seconds.

Usage: map_restart 5

Game Commands

Generally, all game commands must be entered after the level loads either in the config file or on the command line/console. An exception to that rule would be the g_gametype. The following are the most useful game commands for a dedicated server.


g_warmup - Amount of warmup time allotted to connected clients. Defaults to 20 seconds.

Usage: g_warmup <#seconds>


g_friendlyFire - determines if players can damage their own teammates. Set to 1 to allow players to damage their own teammates. Set to 0 so players can not damage their own teammates.

Usage: g_friendlyFire 1


g_gametype - controls the type of gameplay (Normal, Stop Watch, Capture Point). The default is 5, which is normal Return to Castle Wolfenstein objective based multiplayer mode. Set to 6 for Stop Watch. Set to 7 for Capture Point.

Usage: g_gametype <#>


g_log - sets the name of the server log file. The default is games.log and does not need to be modified unless running multiple dedicated servers on the same computer.

Usage: g_log <filename.ext>


g_allowvote - enable players connected to the server to call for and vote on changes including: map, map restart, kick, and g_gametype. The default is 1, which is on. Set to 0 to turn off voting.

Usage: g_allowvote 1


g_maxlives - Defaults to 0 (Unlimited). Change this to the number of lives you wish all players to have.

Usage: g_maxlives 0


g_minGameClients - Defaults to 4. Change this number (usually larger) to reflect how many clients must join a server before it enters restricted mode.

Usage: g_minGameClients 4


g_noteamswitching - Defaults to 0, which disables team switching. Change this value to allow team switching or not.

Usage: g_noteamswitching 0


g_complaintlimit - Defaults to 5. This is the number of complaints that have to be filed before someone is kicked. We recommend setting this low.

Usage: g_complaintlimit 5